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Crusader kings 2 tooltip mod

Crusader kings 2 tooltip mod

Name: Crusader kings 2 tooltip mod

File size: 761mb

Language: English

Rating: 6/10



30 Jul Steam Workshop: Crusader Kings II. Minimod A GUI mod. NO MORE Resulting in a smaller and less distracting tooltip window. Especially. 28 Apr Steam Workshop: Crusader Kings II. New Tooltip Font. Bigger, easy on the eye, UPDATE "A Revolutionary Font Mod" is no more. 11 Mar Steam Workshop: Crusader Kings II. This mod changes the tooltip font to " Century Gothic Bold 18", the same font that is used in Stellaris.

28 Jul In fact I haven't play in several months and I didn't remember the tool tip was such a pain in ck2 is there a mod or something i can do to stop. 28 Nov Crusader Kings II > Allgemeine Diskussionen > Themendetails. foxRaven Have you installed any mods that play with the fonts or tooltips?. 4 Dec Steam Workshop: Crusader Kings II. Changes the black tooltip to one using a velvety dark violet background with beige text to facilitate.

22 Apr Events are both powerful for modding and easy to learn. . than choosing a key like "cb_" for your hypothetical mod Crusader Babes, only to find .. days = tooltip = EVTTOOLTIP } set_character_flag = loan_taken. 14 May It is opposed to static history modding, though some scripts may "blocks" in tooltips (each scope, condition and command being localized). A while back I stumbled on a mod/text edit that showed the values of targets Copy the localisation folder from your CK2 game directory to the. 1 Dec The game will allow enable/disable of any mod and/or dlc you have in your We have also severly enhanced the scripting capabilities for CK2. hedgeknight.1 days = 2 random = 5 tooltip = "They will get this in 2 to 7 days" }. 3 Jul Crusader Kings II Cities: Skylines Europa Universalis IV: El Dorado I would love if someone suggest me a ironman-friendly mod for both Europa Universalis IV and Crusader Kings II that fixes this Bigger Tooltip Font (EU4).

16 May CK2 Modlists: List of Mods /Guides/Utilities ; Women focused modlist: here There is no tooltip for the current succession law at the top. I found in the CK2 modding wiki the option to have multi discribtion for a event. . hidden_tooltip = { random_list = { 60 = {narrative_event = { id. A User Modification for Crusader Kings II This submod does not alter any of the original game file or GoT one so probably can be Spouse is here 2 times because one belongs to original tooltip and I'm not able to alter how. But there's a way to make the ID's show up in your tooltip during a game. Got it off the Paradox forums. Not sure if it's wrong to post a link to it.

the player can either 1) attempt an exorcism, 2) feed it cattle or 3) fill it stones. tooltip = "EVTTOOLTIP" } } } #Flames and fiery stones! narrative_event. 19 Mar This mod tries to bring its look and feel to Crusader Kings II. Ironman compatible Menu fonts, Map font and Tooltip font – Borders, Seamless. 6 Apr If you are a Witcher fan or enjoy Crusader Kings 2, you may find this Improve " Unite the North" description, since tooltip is lacking count = 3. Mod Description. This mod changes the tooltip font to "Century Gothic Bold 18", the same font that is used in Stellaris. Ironman. This mod is Ironman compatible.


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